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Does Where You Host Your WordPress Website Matter?

Jun 30, 2018General Information, Web Hosting

Does Where You Take Your Car to be Serviced Matter?
Does Where You Take Your to a Doctor Matter?
Does Where You Buy Your Groceries Matter?

I think you get the point! I’ve been hosting my clients’ websites at WP Engine here in Austin since 2012. I can state with the utmost confidence that during that time, I(we) have never had a site go down or get hacked. What is that peace of mind worth?

Here’s a statement directly from WP Engine about their services:

We are fully managed in that we will do all the security, backups, caching, and core updates for you. Our platform is created exclusively for WP and has over 100 application layers built in… because of the maturity of the platform our customers see an average of 3-4x speed increase. We also have 24/7 support if you have any trouble with your site. We offer you a platform and much more than just a piece of hardware.

In addition to what WP Engine offers, I provide another layer of expertise and protection to your site in that I will be your point of contact for hosting. I will personally make sure that your site’s WordPress core code is up-to-date and that any plugins I install on the site are updated too, on a weekly basis. In addition, I will make personal recommendations to ensure that your site loads across all browsers and devices as quickly as possible. Lastly, should you ever want or need to move your site to another host, I will be happy to help facilitate the move. I will never hold your site for ransom.

What all of the above means for you is that your website will be treated as though it was one of my own personal websites. That is, it will be cared for by myself and WP Engine’s team of people whose world revolves around creating the best WordPress hosting experience available, period.

I encourage you to ask around to see if you can get the personal level of care that I and WP Engine provide any where else. If you do, please let me know so I can check them out myself.




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