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The Greatest Theme of All Time (G.O.A.T.)

Apr 24, 2018Web Design

Elegant Themes recently announced the release of Divi 3.1, the biggest and most ambitious update that they have tackled since the release of Divi 3.0, well over twelve months ago. The new update opens up Divi with tools for designers and developers that makes it easy to create custom modules that are compatible with Divi’s Visual Builder. It also comes with extensive documentation and tutorials, as well as a new Create Divi Extension utility that will help us jumpstart our own custom Divi modules. This update lays a foundation for a thriving development community that will greatly benefit every single Divi user, myself included.

But what does that mean for you, the client? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let me go back and start with the way I used to build websites. No not all the way back to 1995, but about 7-8 years ago. Back then, I pretty much coded sites by hand, writing HTML/CSS to develop a client site based on a design I put together (and subsequently cut up) in Photoshop. It was a process that took multiple iterations to produce the finished product. One can imagine the time it took.

Fast forward to today, and the latest Divi release, and here’s two big differences. I no longer code by hand. I no longer design in Photoshop. Now I start with one of dozens of Divi’s pre-made templates, which most closely resembles the look I’m going for in the client’s line of work, and customize from there. It saves a ton of time for each site I build. That in turn saves my clients money!

While it may not be the greatest of all time, Divi is a great time and money saver when building websites for my clients. And who doesn’t love spending less money?

Check it out at Elegant Themes, and then contact me when you’re ready to start your new site!




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