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Earn Customer Loyalty: Be an Engaged Business Owner

Jul 14, 2021General Information

When business owners devote their passion and motivation to customer service, the payoff is often well worth the effort. Customers know when you are invested in making your business the best it can be, particularly when your main goal is customer satisfaction and earning their return business. Sometimes it can be difficult to communicate your dedication and commitment, and this is where QUIK’s web design and hosting services can help.

The Power of Marketing

A well-executed marketing campaign can grow your business exponentially. A diverse online marketing plan includes content curation, SEO, and of course, an easily accessible website where customers can learn about you and your mission. Make yourself as available as you can to answer questions, and consider automated artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to assist potential online customers day or night. You can also use tech to your advantage to gauge customer satisfaction and make changes to improve your business.

Get Intel From Customers

You can learn a lot from customer feedback. There are many ways to find out how your clients feel about your business, including online options like Survey Monkey, Facebook polls, and even simple email check-ins. If you want to show your appreciation to customers for their honest feedback, offer discounts for completed surveys. People are often willing to offer advice and opinions, particularly if you make it worth their time to do so.

Certain businesses benefit from a customer advisory board. If you have several contracts with regular customers, particularly other experienced business owners, consider inviting them to meet with you quarterly and offer a stipend for their assistance. This type of collaboration could develop into a lucrative relationship for all parties. Tapping into mentorships with other business owners is a wise use of resources. As a business owner, the way you use your time can affect your success, so prioritize customer service and find ways to complete other tasks through delegation and simplifying work processes.

Make Your Time Count

Your time is a precious commodity — spend it accordingly. Save time on tedious tasks by automating as much as you can. Payroll and inventory programs can save you a ton of time and free you up to focus on connecting with customers.

Another practical way to save time and money for your business is through filing as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Operating as such reduces your paperwork, saves you money on taxes, and reduces your personal liability. Check your state’s regulations prior to filing as there are different requirements, depending on where you live. You can opt to file it yourself, hire a legal representative, or save a lot of money and hassle by hiring a formation company.

Finally, you can make the most of your time by arming yourself with more essential business skills. If you haven’t obtained a business degree, now may be the perfect time to do so. A degree provides you with key skills and knowledge to help you run a successful business. Getting an online degree is ideal because it allows you to manage your time wisely — you can take courses anytime, so there isn’t a strict schedule to adhere to.

When you use your time on wise investments such as customer service and satisfaction and a sound marketing plan, you will find yourself rewarded with repeat business and a positive reputation in your community and beyond. Schedule a free consultation with QUIK to learn more about how we can help your business make a great first impression with a stellar website.

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Author Bio: Gloria Martinez – Gloria runs WomenLed.org, which aims to celebrate women’s achievements in the workplace and is dedicated to increasing the number of women-led corporations, organizations, and small businesses by educating others about women-led achievements.





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